How to choose high quality ferrosilicon 75?

Jul 06, 2020 / 909 views

Ferro-silicon 75 is the traditional steelmaking material, so ferro-alloy market procurement volume is more frequent to ferro-silicon 75, but a variety of ferro-silicon 75 dazzling how to judge the quality of ferro-silicon 75 has become a lot of manufacturers relatively headache problem below professional ferro-silicon 75 manufacturers tell you to distinguish the good method!

Check the quality of sife 75 from the raw material

Silica is a relatively basic raw material for the production of ferrosilicon 75, so the quality of silica also determines the quality of ferrosilicon 75, then how to judge the quality of silica? The requirement is that the silicon content in silica should be more than 97%, and during the smelting of silica, a kind of aluminum oxide will often be formed. This element will not only affect the slag discharge problem in steelmaking, but also make the aluminum in ferrosilicon improve, greatly affecting the quality of ferrosilicon.

The contents of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide affect the quality of ferrosilicon 75

Generally, the content of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide in ferrosilicon should be less than 1%. If the content is larger than this range, the amount of smelting slag will be increased when steel making is used, and the erosion of iron mouth will greatly affect the quality of ferrosilicon 75

The granularity of silica also affects the quality of ferrosilicon 75

The size of silica is also a factor affecting the quality of ferrosilicon 75. If the size of silica is too large, the reaction speed will be slowed down during smelting, while if the size is too small, more powder will affect the permeability of ferrosilicon 75 surface. So how much particle size is appropriate? I t is required that the silica particle size used for the production of ferrosilicon 75 should be 60 ~ 120mm, of which greater than 80mm should be greater than 50%.

Through the analysis of the factors affecting the quality of silicon iron 75 we can quickly judge the quality of silicon iron 75 in the ferroalloy market, choose suitable for their own silicon iron 75 products, if you also want to know more about the knowledge of silicon iron 75 can contact professional silicon iron 75 manufacturers Henan Star metallurgy we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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