Metallurgical USES of ferrosilicon

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Ferro silicon particles are formed by breaking ferric silicon into a certain proportion of small pieces and filtering them through a certain number of screen leaks. In simple terms, ferric silicon particles are small particles that are selected from natural and standard pieces of ferric silicon by crushing and screening them according to different particle sizes.

Advantages of ferrosilicon grain particles:

(1) uniform composition and small segregation;

(2) uniform particle size, no fine powder, stable inoculation effect;

(3) the inoculation effect is better than that of ordinary ferrosilicon, and the tendency of slag production is also small;

(4) extend die life and reduce surface defects;

(5) reduce pinhole, improve the surface quality of cast pipe, and improve the qualified rate of the first pass inspection;

(6) eliminate shrinkage porosity and improve casting machining performance.

Ferrosilicon particles can not only be used in steelmaking industry, but also in the metallurgical material commonly used in the cast iron industry. This is mainly because ferrosilicon particles can be used by cast iron manufacturers to replace inoculant and spheroidizer. In the cast iron industry, the price of silicon particles is much lower than steel, and they are easier to be melted.High quality ferric silicon inoculant has uniform particle size and good inoculating effect during casting. It can promote graphite precipitation and spheroidization.

Economically cheap;On the tissue, reduce the white mouth, improve the section uniformity, promote a-type graphite, increase the number of eutectic groups, reduce segregation;Increase strength and toughness in performance.

The amount used should be determined according to the actual situation, with the original pig iron and molten iron situation is very important, should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

In general, the amount of gray cast iron silicon is 0.2-0.5%.For nodular cast iron, the amount of silicon is 0.5~1.1%.

For horizontal continuous casting of nodular iron, the amount of silicon is generally 0.8~1.5%.

USES of ferrosilicon particles:

1. Effective deoxidation can be carried out during steelmaking;

2. Greatly reduce the time of steel deoxidation to save energy waste and manpower;

3. It can promote the precipitation and spheroidization of nodular cast iron graphite;

4. Can be used instead of expensive inoculants and spheroidizer;

5. Effectively reduce smelting cost and improve benefit of manufacturers;
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