Silicon Manganese

Aug 12, 2019 / 1904 views

Silicon Manganese Alloy is made of manganese, silicon , iron alloy, and a small amount of carbon and other elements.It is kind of ferroalloys which has wide application and large output,Silicon manganese alloy steel is commonly used compound deoxidizer.It is also reducing agent in the production of manganese metal with low carbon ferromanganese silicon hot method. Guimeng alloys can be adopted continuous smelting operations in large, medium and small -arc furnace. Manganese and silicon is the main alloy elements in carbon steel making. Manganese is one of the most main deoxidizer in steelmaking process, almost all types of steel need to DNA by manganese.

Model Number: 6818 / 6517 / 6014 / 6516
Chemical Composition: Si Mn Fe

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