Use of Slicon Metal

Mar 05, 2020 / 1095 views

Silicon metal is a common metallurgical material in our life, which is also known as industrial silicon. Silicon metal is often used in casting to improve the high-temperature resistance of castings.Silicon metal has different applications in different fields, but for different fields, the content of silicon metal is also different, in order to better play the role of silicon metal, what are the USES of silicon metal in different fields?

USES of silicon metal: silicon metal is an industrial purified elemental silicon, mainly used in the production of organic silicon, the production of high-purity semiconductor materials and the preparation of alloys for special purposes.
Production of silicone rubber, silicone resin, silicone oil and other silicone.Silicone rubber elastic, high temperature resistance, used for making medical supplies, high temperature resistance gasket, etc.Silicone used in the production of insulation paint, high temperature paint.Silicone oil is a kind of oil, its viscosity affected by the temperature is very small, used in the production of lubricants, glazing agent, fluid spring, dielectric liquid, but also processed into colorless transparent liquid, as water-proofing agent spray on the surface of the building.
Manufacturing high-purity semiconductor, modern large integrated circuit are almost made of high-purity silicon metal, and high-purity silicon metal or optical fiber production of the main raw materials, it can be said that silicon metal has become the foundation of the information age pillar industry.
To prepare the alloy, si - al alloy is the silicon alloy with large amount.Si-al alloy is a kind of strong compound deoxidizer, which can be used instead of pure aluminum in steelmaking to improve the efficiency of deoxidizer, purify liquid steel and improve the quality of steel.
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