The role of ferrosilicon in steelmaking

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Silicon is the raw material of smelting ferrosilicon, ferrosilicon suppliers believe that the general use of high ferro rolling, in the process of steelmaking furnace, with ferro silicon powder diffusion deoxygenation. Whether the grain size of the ferrosilicon powder is too thin or too thick, it will affect the synthesis of ferro silicon nitride. The particle size of ferrosilicon powder has a great influence on the quality of synthetic silicon iten itanized. The effects of silicon iron powder particle size on the synthesis of silicon itenotite were studied. But what kind of silicon is suitable for smelting ferro silicon? What is the impact of ferrosilicon on steel in the process of smelting?

In order to reduce the content of slag, reduce electricity consumption and increase yield, the content of silicon is required to be more than 97%. The pink line on the surface of silicon dioxide is the presence of alumina. In silicon dioxide, alumina is a harmful impurity, its melting point is about 2050 degrees C, when the slag contains a higher alumina, will cause the slag discharge difficulties. At the same time, silicon dioxide contains a large number of alumina, easy to reduce aluminum into ferrosilicon, increase the content of silicon iron aluminum, affect the quality of ferro silicon.

Therefore, the content of phosphorus and sulfur is very low. Due to the appearance of sulfur (S) and the appearance of silicon (Si) in the smelting process to form silicon sulfide, such as SiS, SiS2 and other compounds, the demand for silica phosphorus pentoxide does not exceed 0.02%. The sulfur content of silicon, these compounds are volatile at high temperatures, so the sulfur content of silicon is not required. Calcium oxide (calcium oxide) and magnesium oxide (magnesium oxide) in silicon dioxide content is high, smelting will increase the amount of slag, and erode the iron mouth, which requires the content of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide in silicon dioxide less than 1%.

The above content is the silicon manganese powder manufacturer for you to introduce the silicon stone requirements suitable for smelting ferrosilicon, but also according to the choice of ferrosilicon furnace to decide. The slag steel interface is diffused deoxygenation, and the ferrosilicon plant makes the deoxygenation product smelt not easily pollute the steel liquid and reduce the content of the inclusions in the steel. The higher the content of silicon in ferrosilicon, the lighter it is. 15. ferrosilicon contains 75 per cent silicon, a ratio of 3. 5. The ferrosilicon powder rolled by silicon iron is heavier. After addition, quickly into the steel liquid, precipitation deoxygenation, increase the content of silicon in the steel liquid.

The ferrosilicon powder made from high silicon iron is lighter, which is conducive to diffusion deoxygenation, and its high silicon content, the deoxygenation effect is strong, so it is generally rolled with high ferrosilicon.

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