Advantages of columnar graphitization carbonizer?

Mar 05, 2020 / 979 views
What is a columnar graphitization carbonizer?
High quality carburizer generally refers to the carburizer after graphitization. At high temperature, the arrangement of carbon atoms shows the microscopic form of graphite, so it is called graphitization.Graphitization can reduce the content of impurity, increase the content of carbon and decrease the content of sulfur.

The columnar graphitized carbonizer is shaped like a cylinder after special treatment, which solves the problem of incomplete absorption of the initial carbonizer floating on the furnace surface. There are many advantages of columnar graphitized carbonizer.
The index of columnar graphitization carbonizer:
Content: carbon: 92-95%, sulfur: below 0.05
Size: 1-5mm/customized/columnar
Packing: 25KG child and mother package, packing as required
Graphite carburizer is suitable for nodular cast iron with strict sulfur requirement, high fixed carbon content and good absorption, especially for intermediate frequency furnace with 0.5 ton to 12 ton
Advantages of columnar graphitization carbonizer:
1. High fixed carbon, high absorption rate, low sulfur and nitrogen, faster absorption rate than similar graphitized carbonizer, no adsorption on furnace wall, complete absorption without residue, lower price than similar graphitized carbonizer lower than 0.05, high cost performance.
High absorption rate, according to the method of use can reach more than 90% absorption rate.
The absorption speed is fast, faster than the same graphitization carbonizer absorption speed, do not adsorption furnace wall, and no residue, the furnace carbon absorption speed advantage is more obvious.
The sulfur content is low, less than 0.05%, nitrogen content is low, less than 100ppm
In addition to the ultra high cost performance, review the above in the same kind of graphitization carboloy agent (sulfur ≤0.05) price advantage.
Columnar graphitization recarburizer mainly used in ball mill cast iron and grey iron production, due to its stable quality, has the characteristics of fast absorption, high absorption rate, and the unique effect, can reduce the production cost in large degree, it is because the columnar graphitization recarburizer these advantages, received unanimous favorable comment of customer, casting more carburant, inoculant, nodularizer related problems can be consulting henan star metallurgy.

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