What's FerroEast.com?

Jul 29, 2019 / 1946 views

The Chinese Name of FerroEast.com is "东方铁合金网". Looking forward to becoming your friend and best partner.

FerroEast's Logo structure is composed of circular background, the chinese word "Oriental" and Ruyi moire. Round is the shape of the earth, meaning that we do global trade; "Oriental" is taken from the Orient of Oracle Bone Inscriptions, which has three meanings: 1. Literally, China's geographical location is in the orient; 2. The origin of Oracle Bone Inscriptions is Anyang, Henan Province, China, that is, the location of ferroalloys factories; 3. Most ferroalloys sold in Ferroeast.com. The oracle bone inscriptions originated in Anyang; Ruyi moire is also a Chinese element, means Auspicious. Logo skillfully combines the shape, meaning and character of Chinese culture, which has profound implications.

 Eastern Sunrise, Ferroalloy out of Anyang.

 Oriental Ferroalloy Network, Global Influential Platform.

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