Here is a quick way to know about silicon metal and supplier

Jul 25, 2019 / 853 views

Silicon metal, also known as industrial silicon or crystalline silicon. Dark gray luster. It has a high melting point and good heat resistance. It has high resistivity and high anti-oxidation effect. Usually, the metal silicon has a particle size of 10 to 100 mm or 2 to 25 mm.

Silicon Metal 3303

The main raw material of metal silicon is silica, petroleum coke, wood chips and the like. It is then smelted in an electric furnace. There are metal silicon blocks and silicon metal powder. The country with the largest production of metal silicon in the world is China.

The main use of metal silicon is to add aluminum ingots. This aluminum ingot is not an electrolytic aluminum ingot. It is an alloy aluminum ingot. This aluminum ingot is mainly used for automobile wheels and aluminum products. Because a certain amount of metal silicon is added to the aluminum water, the hardness and strength of the aluminum can be increased.

Mainly according to the level of trace elements to distinguish the level. Different products are required by customers.

The main grades are the following, ranging from low grades:

97 silicon / other external silicon, the content of iron in 1-2, aluminum content of 0.5-1, calcium 0.2-0.5.

553 grade silicon, content of iron <0.5, aluminum <0.5, calcium <0.3.

551 grade silicon, iron content <0.5, aluminum <0.5 calcium <0.1.

441 grade silicon, iron content <0.4, aluminum <0.4, calcium <0.1.

421 grade silicon, iron content <0.4, aluminum <0.2, calcium <0.1.

3303 grade silicon, iron content <0.3, aluminum <0.3, calcium <0.03.

2202 grade silicon, content iron <0.2, aluminum <0.2, calcium <0.02.

1101 grade silicon, content iron <0.1, aluminum <0.1, calcium <0.01.

For consumers, when buying metal silicon, they hope to buy quality. As a metal silicon manufacturer, quality is the life of an enterprise. If the quality is excellent, then you will get more attention from customers. The development of enterprises will get better and better.

Therefore, both consumers and manufacturers are very concerned about the quality of metal silicon. How to judge whether the metal silicon purchased by you is in compliance with the standard? Third party testing is possible. Such as SGS/BV. The content of each element can be seen in the report presented by the third-party testing agency. Thereby determining whether the purchased product meets its own needs.

When choosing metal silicon, it is best to choose an experienced manufacturer. In this case, the quality of the produced metal silicon is good. And the product impurity components can be strictly controlled. So as to achieve the best results in use.

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