Explain in detail how metal silicon is produced

Jul 25, 2019 / 894 views

Many people know about  metal silicon, and know that silicon is an element, but they don't know how metal silicon is produced. Today we will talk about this.

How silicon metal is produced

What is silicon metal?

Metallic silicon, also known as industrial silicon or crystalline silicon, is an industrially purified elemental silicon. So what does the common metal silicon look like? In general, metallic silicon exhibits a dark gray color, a metallic luster, a good heat resistance, and a high degree of antioxidant activity.

Metallic silicon generally has a particle size of 10-100 MM or 2-25 mm.

How is metal silicon made?

When it comes to silica metal , you have to say its raw materials. Its main raw materials are quartz and coke, which are smelted in an electric furnace to obtain metal silicon.

Metal silicon has many grades, 553, 441, 2202, 3303, 421, etc. The grades are different and the content of the elements is different. When purchasing metal silicon, users need to determine the metal silicon grade to be used according to the effect they want to achieve.Of course, silicon metal can be customized according to user needs.

Metal silicon produced

The main products are:

1. Industrial grade silicon metal: 553/441/2202/3303 block and powder

2. Chemical grade silicon metal: 411/421 / 4105 block and powder

3. Silicon metal powder: 553/97/95/1101/441/2202/3303/96 block and powder

The silica metal produced  undergoes strict quality control and inspection from raw material selection, smelting, testing, packaging and delivery, ensuring that the products that arrive in each customer's hands fully meet your requirements.

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