Sampling method for metal silicon inspection

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Industrial silicon metal is a relatively high purity silicon. It is non-metallic. But the appearance shines bright metallic luster, so it is also called metal silicon.

Silicon metal grades:

  • Silicon metal 553
  • Silicon metal 441
  • Silicon metal 3303
  • Silicon metal 2202

Silicon metal is an important industrial raw material. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, electronics and other industries.

In the metallurgical industry, silicon is often added to certain non-ferrous metals. This can increase the strength, hardness and wear resistance of the base metal. Sometimes the casting properties and weldability of the matrix can be enhanced. Silicon is widely used in the aluminum alloy and aluminum profile industries.

Sampling method for metal silicon inspection

The sample of silicon metal

Sample selection:

Take 25 tons (bags) as a group. A total of 5 samples need to be taken.

Sample production:

1. Select one of the samples into the crusher. The product was broken into powders having a particle size of less than 3 mm.

2. Divide the broken product by the quartering method. That is, 10Kg--5Kg--2.5Kg--1.25Kg--0.625Kg. A sample of 0.625 Kg was finally obtained.

3. By analogy, the remaining four samples are run in the first and second steps. A total of five 0.625 Kg samples were obtained.

4. Mix five 0.625 Kg samples to obtain a sample with a total weight of 3.125 Kg. We call it the total.

5. Reduce the total sample with a smaller reducer. That is, 3.125Kg--1.563Kg--0.782Kg--0.391Kg--0.196Kg--0.098Kg.

6. The 0.098 Kg sample was equally divided. One of the 0.049Kg samples was sent to the customer. Another sample is left for you to use for future review.

Si-Al alloys and silicon solar cells

Silicon metal application

Silicon metal can be used as an alloying agent in steel making and aluminum castings. Aluminum-silicon (Al-Si) automotive parts are lightweight. It is stronger than the parts cast from pure aluminum. Engine blocks and tire rims are the most common cast aluminum silicon parts.

Metallurgical silicon can also be used in the chemical industry. For example, it is used to make fumed silica (thickeners and desiccants) and silicones (sealants, binders and lubricants).

Photovoltaic grade polysilicon is mainly used to manufacture polycrystalline silicon solar cells. It takes about 5 tons of polysilicon to make a one megawatt solar module.

Silicon is widely used in transistors (FETs), LEDs and integrated circuits. Computers, tablets, televisions, radios, and other modern communication devices are inseparable from silicon. It is estimated that more than one-third of electronic devices contain silicon-based semiconductor technology.

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