What everybody ought to know about silicon metal production

Jul 25, 2019 / 1223 views

Maybe you think that metal silicon has no effect on you. But in fact, metal silicon is very important in the production of aluminum and chemical products. Because the addition of metal silicon provides them with the necessary properties. In modern society, things that you can't imagine are inseparable from the appearance of metal silicon.

What everybody ought to know about silicon metal production

What everybody ought to know about silicon metal production

1. China is the country with the highest output of metal silicon, occupying an absolute dominant position in the production of metal silicon. According to BGS 2016 data, China's average refined production during the period 2010-2014 was 61%. This output is not only much higher than domestic consumption, but also much higher than the world's total demand for metal silicon.

2.Silicon metal (symbol Si), in its pure form, is a grey metallically lustrous metalloid element. Metalurgical grade silicon is known as silicon metal because of its lustrous appearance.

3. The shape of the metal silicon. Metal silicon is divided into blocks and powders. The particle size is generally between 10 and 100 mm or 2 to 25 mm. If the user's needs are not within this range, metal silicon manufacturers and suppliers can customize.About Silicon Metal specifications>>

4. After the 1970s, with the deepening of people's understanding of the global energy crisis and environmental degradation, the use of solar energy, a renewable and clean energy source, has received widespread attention, and the photovoltaic industry came into being.

As a basic material for the photovoltaic industry, the preparation technology and development of polycrystalline silicon have attracted much attention. At present, more than 98% of solar cells in the world are made of silicon materials. The higher the purity of silicon, the higher the photoelectric conversion efficiency. Therefore, polysilicon has become the cornerstone of the global electronics industry and photovoltaic industry.

Silicon is a small element, but it exerts a powerful force. In modern society, whether it is aluminum products, infrastructure industries, or high-tech industries, metal silicon has played a huge role. As a professional metal silicon manufacturer, provides metal silicon, metal silicon powder, silica fume and other products with high quality and low price. Welcome to come!

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