Silicon Slag

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Silicon slag is the remaining part after the production of silicon iron and other ferroalloy materials, but silicon slag alloy also contains a certain proportion of silicon elements, silicon slag alloy in the industry according to the use of roughly can be divided into industrial silicon slag alloy, semiconductor silicon slag alloy, solar silicon slag alloy, metal slag alloy, and so on, in addition to silicon slag alloy is a raw material for the production of silicon balls.

Use of silicon slag:
1, silicon slag alloy can be used for purification and other processes
Silicon slag alloy can participate in the purification process of other ferroalloy products, can effectively improve the purity of silicon elements of ferroalloy products, so that the product better quality effect!
2, silicon slag alloy has the effect of effectively raising furnace temperature
Putting silicon slag alloy in steelmaking has the effect of raising furnace temperature, which can provide a stable high temperature environment for smelting materials, so that smelting is more thorough and smelting results are better!
3, silicon slag alloy in other roles
Silicon slag alloy also has to improve the steel label, effectively improve the efficiency of manufacturers, in the casting of the use of silicon slag alloy can also improve the gradual toughness and cutting capacity of the role!
4, silicon slag alloy has the effect of improving the flow of steel water
In steelmaking, because the reaction of steel water and oxygen will produce oxides, if not eliminated in time will block the living port, silicon slag alloy can effectively hold oxide slats filter inglier simpler and more effective!
5, silicon slag alloy can be used in steel slag resusoring process
Silicon slag alloy can also be applied to the steel slag re-seining process, so that the steel slag produced in steelmaking back to re-sein, the production of iron or steel, greatly improve the rate of steelmaking, reduce waste!
6, silicon slag alloy can be used for recrystallization of the furnace
Silicon slag alloy can be re-re-smelted to make the silicon slag crystalline again, in order to cope with the current shortage of silicon prices, effectively improve the efficiency of iron alloy manufacturers!
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