Price/use of silicon slag

Jan 05, 2021 / 140 views

   As one of the metallurgical materials purchased by manufacturers in large quantities, siliconslag has irreplaceable advantages. The price of silicon slag is relatively low compared with other ferroalloy products, but its application is very extensive. Silicon slag is the residue left after the silicon ore is refined, and there are still a lot of silicon content in the residue. Silicon slag is also widely used.

   The main uses of silicon slag are to be used as deoxidizer and to extract industrial silicon from silicon slag. Silicon slag is a "star" in the deoxidizing field. As a deoxidizing agent, it can reduce costs and increase profits. Because of its low price and silicon element, steel mills are more inclined to silicon slag products when purchasing ferroalloy raw materials for steelmaking. Silicon slag performs equally well in desulfurization, mainly because silicon slag contains a large amount of alkaline oxide, which can react with sulfur dioxide to form sulfate, and its slurry can be used for flue gas desulfurization. So silicon slag with low price, efficient utilization rate by the majority of customers favor.

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