What is the price of metal silicon 553?

Jul 25, 2019 / 921 views

The production of metal silicon is a high-energy-consuming industry, and the production of single-ton metal silicon requires 12,000 kWh. Silica is the basic raw material for raw materials, and petroleum silicon, charcoal and low ash bituminous coal are used as reducing agents to produce metal silicon. Metal silicon products include both silicon and silicon powder. Among them, silicon metal 553 is the most widely used one.


The standard specification for metallic silicon 553 should be 0.5% of iron content, 0.5% of aluminum, 0.3% of calcium, and 98.5% of silicon. When purchasing metal silicon, customers should ask the metal silicon supplier for samples to determine whether the silicon is good or bad.

Everyone knows that metal silicon has excellent effects in deoxidation of steelmaking, and many steel mills will make large purchases. So what is the price of metal silicon 553?

The price of metal silicon 553 is related to the product the customer wants. The metal silicon 553 has an oxygen-passing type and a non-passing oxygen type. Therefore, the price of different kinds of metal silicon is different. The price of oxygen-permeable metal silicon 553 is generally around 12,000 yuan / ton , while the price of non-passing metal silicon 553 is generally around 11,000 yuan / ton.

In 2016, China's metal silicon exports amounted to 700,000 tons. In 2017, the export volume increased to 810,000 tons. With the increasing demand for overseas metal silicon, overseas metal silicon enterprises have no large-scale expansion plans. It is expected that the future export of metal silicon will continue year by year. Upgrade. Eloyi provides silicon metal, silicon metal powder, silicon fume and so on. High quality and low price silicon metal, best chioce for you!

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