Hot sales with SGS certification of metal silicon 553

Jul 25, 2019 / 856 views

Silicon metal, I believe many people are familiar with it, it is mainly used in aluminum products. Since aluminum is relatively soft, it will become very hard after adding silicon, and many things can be made for us to use. Aluminum alloys have low density but high strength, close to or exceed high-quality steel, and are used in a wide range of applications. In the use of silicon metal, the 553 brand is a very large type of use. Today, I would like to introduce the metal silicon 553 certified by SGS.

Metal silicon 553 generally has a bulk shape with a silicon content of 98.5% or more. In the industry, silicon  metal  is usually produced by reducing silicon dioxide from carbon in an electric furnace. The silica  metal 553 produced is SGS-certified and has a silicon content of 97-98%. It has high purity and good quality and is very suitable for your use.

Ok, here's a picture of a metal silicon 553:

Silica metal 553

Looking at the picture of the metal silicon 553, do you have any heart? As a product with high sales volume, Metal Silicon 553 has been welcomed by many countries and is a star product of customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Compared with metal silicon 441, the price of metal silica 553 is relatively cheaper and can meet the needs of many customers. ALOY is a manufacturer with many years of production experience, in line with ISO certification, you can trust!

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