Silicon metal grades

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Silicon metal

1. Metal silicon grades, in addition to the common 441, 553, 2202, 3303, etc., there are also grades such as 421, 411, 1101. Silicon metal specifications>>

2. The naming method of metal silicon grades is related to its impurity content. In addition to silicon, metal silicon also contains elements such as ferro, aluminum, and calcium. Taking 3303 as an example, the ferro content is 0.3%, the aluminum content is 0.3%, and the calcium content is 0.03%.

3. Metal silicon has two forms of metal silicon block and metal silicon powder, specifically whether it is block or powder, depending on the needs of users.

4. Silicon metal is generally packed in container bags, each package is marked with 1 ton. The granules, as well as the metal silicon powder, are packed in woven bags, each bag labeled 50Kg. Of course, it is also possible to replace the package according to the user's request.

5. Industrially, metal silicon is usually produced by reducing silicon dioxide from carbon in an electric furnace. Chemical reaction equation: SiO2 2C → Si 2CO The silicon obtained in this way has a purity of 97 to 98% and is called metal silicon. Further, it is melted, recrystallized, and the impurities are removed with an acid to obtain metal silicon having a purity of 99.7 to 99.8%.

Silicon metal is mainly classified into metallurgical silicon and chemical silicon according to its use. Metallurgical silicon is mainly used in the production of metallurgical fields such as aluminum-silicon alloys. Chemical silicon is used in the production of silicones, semiconductor materials and solar grade silicon.

From a global perspective, silicon for metallurgy and silicon for chemical use are almost half of each. However, since the late 1990s, chemical silicon in the EU and the United States has exceeded the amount of silicon used in metallurgy, and this trend continues to develop, that is, the proportion of chemical silicon is increasing.

That is to say, the development of the economy and the continuous advancement of technology have become more and more demanding on the types and quality of metal silicon. Silicon metal manufacturer ALOY provides you with high quality products, welcome to buy!

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