Reliable silicon metal factory recommended

Jul 25, 2019 / 931 views

Think of a silicon metal factory, perhaps a country that will come to mind, is China. China's production and sales of metal silicon have always played a heavy role in this line.

Chinese silicon metal market, the deal has not increased significant, but the operating rate of the dry season in the south continued to decline, factory offer strong currently, silicon metal 553#, 441#, 3303# and 2202# were sent to the main Port price at 9,550-9,750 yuan / ton , 10,200-10,400 yuan / ton, 11,100-11,300 yuan / ton and 12,600-12,800 yuan / ton.

Therefore, the purchase of metal silicon can not wait, perhaps waiting to be more expensive. Just like China's housing prices.

Reliable silicon metal factory recommended

ALOY is a metal silicon producer and supplier. This means that if you buy from ALOY, then you will get the factory price, don't worry about the middleman making a difference.

Silicon metal plant ALOY is located in Anyang, Henan, China, with convenient transportation and 20 years of production experience, so users do not have to worry about unqualified purchases. ALOY has its own set of management rules, which implement strict standards from production, sales, packaging, testing, etc., to ensure that users buy the best quality products.

Ok, let's not say that much, come to a few factory photos:

Silicon metal producingEquipment of silicon metal plant ALOYSilicon metal factory workers are workingWarehouse of silicon metal plant

Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, Russia, Sri Lanka and other countries are ALOY's largest trading partners.Silicon metal factory ALOY will continue to provide you with the best quality products. We support third-party testing such as SGS. Welcome your inquiry and purchase!

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