High carbon silicon shipped

Jun 08, 2021 / 561 views

Henan Star Metallurgy Group received an order of 150 tons from Italian buyers yesterday as the demand for high-carbon silicon has been rising with the price fluctuation of high-carbon silicon recently.Although yesterday is weekend, but the company salesman in immediately after receipt of the order to the factory inspection the goods, confirm the product under the premise of sufficient enough hair, packaging and inspection of goods, although regional far has established the long-term cooperation with each other enough trust, delivery at the scene of the video attachment to clients live sites, 150 tons of high carbon silicon gearing up.The products have been submitted to the customs today, and the ship is ready to leave the port.

High carbon silicon is a novel composite alloy deoxidizer, which can replace the traditional deoxidizer, such as ferrosilicon, calcium carbide , toner and gold powder.High carbon silicon has stable physical and chemical properties and good deoxidization effect. It can react with oxygen in molten steel quickly and form steel slag floating on the surface of molten steel to achieve the purpose of deoxidization.The high carbon silicon produced by henan stellar metallurgy group is complete in specification and stable in nature, which has been unanimously recognized and affirmed by new and old customers. If you need high carbon silicon, please contact us in time. We will send samples and product booklets for you for free, and sincerely look forward to your consultation and cooperation.


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