Specification and application of flake graphite powder

Dec 30, 2020 / 149 views

   Flake graphite powder also known as flake graphite powder: natural phanerocrystalline graphite, its shape like fish phosphorus, is a hexagonal system, layered structure, with good high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, lubrication, plastic and acid and alkali resistance, etc.

   Flake crystal intact, thin and good toughness, excellent physical and chemical properties, with good temperature resistance, self-lubricity, conductivity, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. Is widely used in high-grade refractory material and coating of metallurgy industry, military industry, fire engineering material stabilizer, carbon brush light pencil lead, electrical industry, electrode of battery industry, flake graphite after deep processing, but also produce graphite, graphite sealing material and composite material, graphite products, graphite additives such as high-tech products, become the important nonmetallic mineral raw materials of various industrial sectors.

  Flake graphite powder looks like fish phosphorus, with particle size of 0.5mm-1um and carbon content of 80%-99.9%. Common specifications are:

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