Why silica fume is widely used in cement

Jul 25, 2019 / 1050 views

Silica fume, I think many people don't know much, and even confused with metal silicon powder. I have written an article about the difference between silicon powder and silica fume. Interested friends can check it out. Today is mainly said, why silica fume is widely used in cement?

Why silica fume is widely used in cement

How is silica fume made?

Silica fume, also known as microsilica, fumed silica, silicon dioxide. It is amorphous silicon dioxide, which is composed of very small particles collected by the filtration system on the arc furnace during the production of silicon and ferrosilicon.

Why silica fume is widely used in cement?

Silica ash is a highly reactive volcanic ash with very small particle size. The calcium hydroxide [Ca(OH)2] produced in combination with cement reacts. The small particle size means that the fumed silica fills the space between the cement particles, improving the rheology of the mixture and reducing voids in the concrete.

In this way, porosity and permeability can be effectively reduced and strength can be increased.

Our common "high performance concrete" is usually designed to incorporate silicon powder and sometimes other volcanic ash to achieve the desired characteristics of the structure being built. These can be flow or pumping properties, or enhanced durability such as increased toughness, increased wear resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical properties, and life cycle cost efficiency.

So, the micro silica fume is small, but the effect is not small. In the construction of national infrastructure projects in the new era, silica fume is playing an increasingly important role. Bridges, viaducts, skyscrapers, etc., because of the addition of silica fume, are stronger and more resistant.

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