What is the price of metal silicon 441

Jul 25, 2019 / 1198 views

441 is a high-selling metal silicon, with a silicon content of 99%. In addition to silicon, it also contains some trace elements such as iron, aluminum, calcium and the like. So what is the price of metal silicon 441?

What is the price of metal silicon 441

Metallic silicon is generally used in the steelmaking industry as an additive to non-ferrous alloys. The raw material of the metal silicon 441 is mainly quartz and coke, and the two are smelted by a high-pressure electric furnace. The use of metal silicon 441 in steel can play a good role in slag collection, filter molten steel impurities, improve the purity of molten steel, and improve the performance of steel.

In addition, metal silicon 441 is also widely used in the computer industry. Silicon not only records information, but also processes the information to obtain new information. Today's electronic computers, due to advances in technology and improved materials, can hold tens of thousands of transistors on a fingernail-sized silicon chip; and have a range of functions such as input, output, operation, storage, and control information.

What is the price of metal silicon 441? Each manufacturer's offer is different, and the metal silicon 441 produced by ALOY  can meet the standard specifications. Short production cycle and fast delivery are ideal for you. Get the latest metal silicon 441 quote, you can consult us directly.

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