silicon metal 441/553 price

Aug 19, 2020 / 910 views
Silicon Metal lump  was produced in electric heating furnace by quartz and coke. Quartz will be redox and became molten silicon liquid. After cooling, it will be solid as we see. The primal silicon metal lump is very large. Then it will be made.

Typical models includes: Silicon Metal 2202; Silicon Metal 3303; Silicon Metal 441 Silicon Metal 553 , Silicon Metal Off Grade.

The market for silicon metal has been weak for nearly two months and prices have been falling for some time. In August, the transaction price of silicon metal  continued to fall, and the export transaction volume decreased. In addition, due to the decrease in foreign inquiries, the current market of silicon metal is mainly dominated by Domestic consumption in China, and the port volume is reduced. Orders from Whampoa and Tianjin have been canceled, and cargo volumes at the ports have fallen sharply since June and were minimal in July. In the past two weeks,553 notes of the metal silicon price took the lead in positive optimization, due to the stock reduction and the high electricity price of some silicon factories. After the necessary order was issued, the metal silicon price of 553 increased by 200 yuan/T more or less. At present, few silicon factories mainly produce silicon metal in 553 and 441, although the demand for silicon metal is still in the downturn due to the impact of the virus epidemic, however, the low level of factory production before the water-rich section, and the inertia of rising prices make silicon companies more .

This week, the price of low grade silicon metal increased by 100-200 RMB/T. After the price increasem the purchase market is also actively digesting, at present, there is no obvious improvement in the transaction market. The inquire for silicon metal 441  has increased significantly this week, but because the market has a small amount of spot, so the silicon metal 441 price  still need to be respected.

At present, the production plants mainly produce silicon metal 421 and 3303,there is no factories to produce the silicon metal 441  all the year round, so make the situation that when the market has no demand, the holders say that it is difficult to sell, and in the case of concentrated demand, there is also a long therm situation where the sport is difficult to find.

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