How much do you know about silicon metal powder production method

Jul 25, 2019 / 940 views

Silicon metal powder is also called industrial silicon powder. It is a powder made from industrial processing of silicon blocks. There are coarse powder, fine powder, ultrafine powder and so on. It can be used as a main raw material for high temperature refractories, iron, aluminum alloy, silica sol, silicone. Silicon metal powder specifications >>

Silicon Metal Powder

China's silicone business is also developing rapidly. Silicone companies produce methyl mixed crude monomers. Silicon powder is used as the main raw material. The main reaction is: Si+2CH3Cl→(CH3)2SiCl2. The side reaction is: Si+3CH3Cl→(CH3)SiCl3+2CH3+ Si+CH3Cl+2CH3→(CH3)SiCl. Silicon metal manufacturers in China>>

Metal silicon powder production method

There are many methods for producing finished silicon metal powder from silicon blocks. The effect is better, and the application is more: ball milling, roller milling, and spinning.

Its main equipment: ball mill, roller mill, puncher

The first two are crush honing under gravity. The latter is the impact of fine crushing. Various mills can process and pulverize non-flammable and explosive minerals with a Mohs hardness of less than 7.0. The finished product size is regulated by the process. It is controlled in the range of 30 mesh (0.613 mm) to 425 mesh (0.033 mm).

The appearance of metallic silicon is taupe. It is a shiny, hard and brittle silicon block. Silicon symbol Si. The atomic number is 14. Atomic weight: 28.0355. The atomic radius of silicon is 1.17 μm.

At present, the development prospects of new silicone materials are promising. Its market space is large and its profits are considerable. Such as the United States Dow Corning, GE, Germany Wacker, France, Rhodia and so on. Silicone companies have developed rapidly in recent years. And its products are getting more and more.

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