Method of use of recarburizer

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Today, I will introduce to you in detail the use of several methods of recarburizer .

One.Furnace input method:

Carburizer is suitable for melting in the induction furnace, but the specific use is not the same according to the process requirements.

(1) the use of recarburizer in medium-frequency electric furnace smelting, according to the ratio or carbon equivalent requirements with the material added to the lower part of the electric furnace, the recovery rate can reach more than 95%;

(2) if the lack of carbon adjustment, the first dozen net furnace slag, plus carburant, by raising the temperature of molten iron, or artificial electromagnetic stirring to dissolve carbon absorption, the recovery rate is around 90%, if the low-temperature carbonization process, the melt furnace charge only part of the molten iron liquid under the condition of low temperature, all recarburizer one-time in liquid iron, at the same time with solid charge to press it into the liquid iron don't let it show liquid iron surface. With this method, the carburization of liquid iron can reach more than 1.0%.

Two. Carburizing outside furnace:

(1) spray graphite powder in the bag

Using graphite powder as carburizer, the injection volume is 40kg/t, and the carbon content of liquid iron is expected to increase from 2% to 3%. The temperature of molten iron before carburization was 1600℃, and the average temperature after carburization was 1299℃. Jet graphite powder carburization, generally use nitrogen as a carrier, but under industrial production conditions, with compressed air is more convenient, and the oxygen combustion in compressed air to produce CO, chemical reaction heat can compensate part of the temperature drop, and CO reducing atmosphere to improve the effect of carburization.

(2) the use of recarburizer when iron

100-300 purposes of graphite powder carburizer can be put into the bag, or from the iron tank with the flow into, out of liquid iron after full stirring, as far as possible to make carbon absorption, carbon recovery rate is about 50%.

Summary do not add a batch, add, melt part, put a part (a bag or so) of molten iron into the bag, and then back to the furnace carburizer 1-2 times, and then slag, add alloy.

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