What is calcium silicon powder

Jan 06, 2021 / 155 views

    Calcium silicon powder as the name implies is the product of silicon calcium alloy after crushing and screening, can be customized in accordance with customer requirements of various granularity, its composition and use and calcium silicon is the same. Silicon calcium common specifications are: silicon calcium alloy standard block: 10-100mm, 10-80mm, etc.; Silica calcium particles: 1-3mm, 3-8mm, 8-15mm, etc.; Calcium silicon powder: 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh and so on can also provide a variety of specifications according to customer requirements.  

The main uses of silicon calcium powder are:

(1) Both calcium and silicon have a strong affinity with oxygen, especially calcium has a strong affinity not only with oxygen, but also with sulfur and nitrogen. So calcium silicon powder is an ideal compound oxycolic agent, desulfurizer.

(2) Calcium silicon powder is also suitable for the converter steel workshop with warming agent, silicon calcium alloy can also be used as cast iron inoculant and ductile iron production of additives.

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