Usage of natural graphite powder

Jan 26, 2021 / 123 views

Natural graphite powder , also known as natural flake graphite powder, is after mineral processing, flotation, drying, separation, purification, crushing and other products after deep processing, pure natural graphite can be rough processing into nucleus, graphite sheets, etc., after finishing can be made into graphite sheets, natural graphite film, etc.

As a high-efficiency carburizer, natural graphite powder is widely used in metallurgical production. Its application methods are mainly as follows:

(1) Charge requirements: no oil, no rust, scrap steel requirements surface must not have excessive oxidation phenomenon.

(2) It is generally prepared by adding 4.1-4.3kg of carburizer to every 100kg of scrap steel.

(3) The oven temperature is controlled at 1550℃, and the temperature is expected to drop 100℃ by spheroidization and 50℃ by handbag.

(4) 20 kg of high quality iron is added to the bottom of the furnace during production.Take 20-40 kg of remaining iron liquid from the previous furnace when starting the second furnace.

(5) After iron cutting is added, put the carburizer into the plastic bag and put it on the iron cutting.

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