What is low ferrosilicon powder?

What is low ferrosilicon powder?

/ Feb 01, 2021 / 332 views

/ Feb 01, 2021

Low ferro silicon powder is low ferric silicon block after grinding into powder material, used for steelmaking, iron deoxidizing agent, content: Si: 15-20%, Fe: 75-80%, S: 0.02% below, C: 0.2% below, P:0.4%, Al2O3:1.5% below, MgO :1.5% below.The main uses of low silicon ferric are:

1. Low ferrosilicate can replace part of ferrosilicate alloy deoxygenation and silicon increase, iron increase, effectively control the temperature of molten steel, and does not affect the absorption rate of other alloys in the process of use;

2. Low silicon iron water can reduce the amount of ore and scrap steel, and ensure the normal heating rate of molten metal.Thus to achieve less slag steelmaking, reduce the consumption of lime and improve the metal yield.

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